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Snapshots: Frieze

The Frieze fairs have descended upon Regent’s Park this week, attracting multitudes of art professionals and enthusiasts each day.  The offerings at both tents are…

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London Street Art: Camden

Camden is a thriving, funky borough within the sprawling London landscape.  Just a touch north from the city’s core, the area offers a massive…

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Gabriela Machado

Brazilian painter Gabriela Machado expresses ‘the pure love between man and nature.’ Her works seem to draw from the tradition of Frankenthaler’s stain paintings,…



Sheila’s pencil drawings hang in the hallway of a modest rental complex in downtown Mebane, NC.  A hairdresser by profession, Sheila knows a thing…

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Nanibah ‘Nani’ Chacon

Nani Chacon is a Dine (Navajo) and Chicana artist, most known for her paintings and murals.  Her running theme depicts women in a neo-pinup…


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Mike Hurst – “Hur$t Hitz Vol. 2″

Producer Mike Hurst is back with more instrumentals and features from Gee Watts, Bk Bambino, and Black Cobain. Connect with Hurst here @MikeHurst_1word.


New Tesla Smart Car

Tesla’s Model S all-electric car is available in the UK. Finally! In its cheaper 60kWh version it will manage more than 200 miles on…


Young GeniuZ

Young G’z: Villz

Young G’z: Villz from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo. Mechanical Dummy’s FairyStyleMum got up with the Young G Villz after a breakthrough performance.

Young G’z: King Mez

King Mez is 24 year old emcee/producer who has the vision, endurance and the heart of a champion in the rap game. His music…

Original GeniuZ


Original GenuiZ: Bungi Garlin

Its not often Soca Artist are associated with the name pop Star or mainstream artist.Bungi Garlin has opened the door for Soca music with…


Original GeniuZ: Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie recently dropped by Toronto to perform at Manifesto which is an annual concert promoting the city’s up and coming talent. MD’S own…



Why Do People Kiss?

Her eyes are wide as they stare into yours. You wrap your arm around her waist and pull her in close. She touches your…

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“Cheating Is Not A Choice: The New Guideline for Sex, Love & Dating”

Great Scott and Jamestown follow up to the success of their audiobook “THINC: Once You Thinc it, Inc it,” with another installment – “THINC…


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ExcluZive: Nino Augustine Creating “Soul Hop”

Nino Augustine speaks about branching out musically and geographically as he prepares his new EP “Soul Hop,” out in October.

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ExcluZive: Who Is Salma Slims? [In-Studio Vlog]

Meet Salma Slims, the first lady of Rolls Royce Rizzy’s Private Club. Keep your eyes on the young G, you will be hearing more…