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Christopher Olson is a young artist living and working in Los Angeles. His paintings are imaginative and beautiful, unafraid to divulge a darker side…

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Jennifer Korsen focuses on the internal features of the human anatomy, with a particular interest in the heart.  Her mixed media works play with…

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J Salvador has invented a world populated with his ‘Super Emo Friends,’ little avatar nuggets based off of stereotypical walks of life.  There’s superheroes,…

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Mike “Truth” Johnston is a street artist (and elementary school teacher!) out in Austin, Texas. His ‘Truth’ stampmark graces all of his wheat-paste and…

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Alyssa Beasley is an artist based out of Los Angeles.  She takes a Warholian approach to pop culture imagery, depicting icons such as Darth…



Trav – Molly ft. Gucci Mane

Keeping it consistent, Trav is back with a new track featuring Guwop himself. Check out “Molly” after the jump and get ready for PUSH…

Ceito Cover Art

Calez Ceito – Ceito

A breath of fresh air from the Chi is just what Calez Ceito brings us, re-defining the sound people have grown accustomed to hearing…




BlinkMail is the latest creation that aims to help users organize their emails. The difference between BlinkMail and the other organizers is that you…

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Bellabeat: Prenatal Tracking App

If mothers aren’t obsessed enough with their unborn child, well Bellabeat app made it that much easier for them to be even more obsessed….



Another messaging app hits the App Store for users but the difference about FireChat from the rest – it doesn’t require service or Internet…



Microsoft is taking it’s stab at the mobile search assistant game by launching its own version called Cortana. Cortana is part of the company’s…


Amazon Fire TV

In case you missed it, Amazon released a new streaming device called Amazon Fire TV. The new product rolled out last week and is…


BlackMilk -X-Solestruck-Charli-WOAHDUDE-01-WEB_1024x1024


BlackMilk teamed up with Solestruck to create a line of kickass printed shoes.  Stomp around in these platform bad boys while you soak up…


Royal Kulture: Dashiki Jersey Kollection

Check out this Dashiki Jersey Kollection from Royal Kulture… IG- @royalkulturemerch Kev Twitter/IG- @thatafricankev Najee Parks Brand Manager Royal Kulture Music |…

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MCM brings us white on white, monogrammed sneakers, apart of the men’s collection. The hightop sneakers are crafted in leather and pvc. It also…

Young GeniuZ

Young G’z: Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams is a rapper/producer who has been taking the music industry by storm with the help of his fellow members of the collective…

Young G’z: KR

KR is a #YounGeniuz who is putting on for the West Coast, being one of the most inventive lyricist to look out for in…

Original GeniuZ


Original G’z: Melvin Van Peebles [Part 1]

Melvin Van Peebles is a pioneer in the arts of film and music. 57 years since creating his first short film, the director of…


Original G’z: Curtis Snow

Star of the popular film Snow on tha Bluff, Curtis Snow made time to catch up with Mechanical Dummy to discuss his latest project….



PerZpective: HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

Only in Silicon Valley can Kid Rock be the poorest guy in the room. Mike Judge’s new show, Silicon Valley, premiered Sunday, April 6, on…

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PerZpective: “Our Economy Is A Giant Casino”

The O.G. Echo does the math in this PerZpective on modern economics. Follow him and check out his site. our entire economy is a…


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ExcluZive: Shy Glizzy Interview

Shy Glizzy is not new to the rap game. A DC native currently with his 5th solo mixtape entitled “Young Jefe” which dropped back in…


ExcluZive: Bizzy Crook – Mind Your Biz (Day To Day) Ep.4

Check out Bizzy Crook’s new episode!     Follow @BizzyCrook on twitter/ Instagram. You can catch Bizzy crook on Tour with Kid Ink &…