GameDock for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Devices


Have you ever played a great retro game on your iPhone, only to be frustrated with the touch controls? Or have you wanted to play an awesome iPad game with a friend, but two people holding one tablet just doesn’t feel right?With the GameDock for iOS you can play classic games the way they were meant to be played: with two controllers and a TV.

Just plug the dock into your TV like a video game console and your iOS device into the dock like a game cartridge. The GameDock is designed to be compatible with existing iCade games and for dock-ready games that include two-player support and full 1080p HDTV output. In addition to the dock, they have developed a dashboard app that allows you to select and play games from the comfort of your couch. There’s no need to get up and change which game you’re playing. You can do it with your controller instead.

And, of course, if you don’t have a TV, no worries! The dock still connects to your phone and supports games on the small screen. It communicates over short-range bluetooth, the same used in most modern keyboards.

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