Chris Brown – “Don’t Judge Me”

Breezy is back with his latest visual from Fortune. The dramatic music video for “Don’t Judge Me” shows Chris heading to space to fight for his world in what most call a suicide mission. The Riveting Entertainment production shows Chris willing to sacrifice himself to save his world.


  • September 27, 2012


    #TEAMCMB "A True Fan" :*
    'Please don't judge me, then I won't judge you, cause it can get ugly' before it gets beautiful'♡

  • “Dont Judge Me and I won’t judge you…” WWJD? JUST THAT, and it would be beautiful!!! So why not just LET IT BE BEAUTIFUL…..Love ya Chris!

  • BTW–> LOVE THE SONG, “DONT JUDGE ME” & the video’s HOT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU CHRIS, the Breezy one, lol…X☺X☺

  • February 1, 2013

    Chris Brown Fanatic

    This Song and Video are both amazing! I saw the behind the scenes and he is so hilarious! that is the Chris Brown that everyone needs to be talking about and not the Chris that made mistakes. I mean he is not the perfect man everyone makes mistakes. sometimes God amy make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean people should hate him and talk about him. Im not saying Chris is God Im simply saying their not perfect nobody is perfect!!! leave him alone and let him live his life!!! I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!!

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