Blu & Exile – “Maybe One Day”

Nice. “Maybe One Day” (fka “She Said It’s Ok”), featuring the homie Black Spade (if I’m not mistaken) is easily my favorite song off of that Blu & Exile Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them LP, so it’s good to see that it’s the first official video off the album. Simple yet captivating black and white visuals from director Jerome D allow you to just hone in on Exile’s piano driven production and Blu’s introspective bars. ”I wonder what it was that had me puffin’ blunts/coughin’ my blood and guts up for a f*ckin buzz/buggin’ out on the biz right when I got a buzz/seeing god on green they puttin’ trust in bucks/ f*ck the stress that comes with success, I was always depressed the press is like “the f*ck is up?”You can cop Give Me My Flowers via CD, vinyl, or limited edition 10″ vinyl.

[via OkayPlayer]

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