Chris Brown x MTV : “This Is How I Made It”

From his humble beginnings growing up in Tappahannock, Virginia, to becoming an international superstar, Chris Brown shares his story on MTV’s “This Is How I Made It.” The R&B singer opens up about performing in the church for the first time to performing in front of millions at the 2007 VMAs. He also recounts winning his first Grammy and making his mother proud.

Plus, he addresses the obstacles he faced along the way and how he overcame them. “My legacy can hopefully show [people] that once you’re down, that don’t just mean you’re down forever,” said Breezy.

[via the rap-up]


  • October 29, 2012


    I love how driven Chris is, how passionate he is about his art. I’m so inspired by his creativity. I send nothing but positive energy his way and i hope Chris continues to have a blessed life.

  • October 30, 2012


    What can I say about Chris Brown. He’s a go getter, brave, sweet, funny dude. And one of the last real entertainers of are generation. Michael’s gone now and, as hard as many may try there may never be another Michael Jackson but we have Chris brown. And if u ask me if their were anyone on this Planet that could hold a candle to Michael it’s Chris. So If ur reading this Chris never stop being tru to yourself and the music with remain great. That is what made micheal great. So keep your head up at all times, Thank God for all, good and bad. There all blessings.

    P.s. Loving the new album

  • October 30, 2012


    Thank you…!
    thank you for opening up…
    thank you for letting us see who you really are…
    thank you for staying true to yourself…
    thank you for being an inspiration…
    thank you Chris for being you…
    I Love you !!!!

  • January 2, 2013


    Chris! I was always your fan since day 1! You are my idol and will forever be! I never judged you on what happen or anything that happend in the past! I still look at you as a great artist! You are one of my favorites!! Love you forever! Thanks for giving us this wonderful music!! Keep you head up high!! Ignore all the hater’s!!
    Love you sooo sooo much!! From: you biggest fan (;

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