Rihanna Covers GQ Magazine

At nine fifteen, Rihanna’s black Escalade pulls up in front of Emilio’s Ballato, Andy Warhol’s Nolita Italian restaurant of choice, a circus in tow. Her army of bodyguards surveys the scene. Then one of Rihanna’s long legs hits the pavement and it’s madness. There are paparazzi everywhere, all at once, perching on bicycles and European motorbikes, firing out of Mercedes-Benz windows and SUV sunroofs, pushing in on every square foot of sidewalk. The cameras strobe around her like a Ferris wheel.

Read the full feature at GQ.com.

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  • November 17, 2012


    That woman is a goddess … The closest thing to perfection .. Damn Chris Brown is one lucky mf .. Life is not fair … If he ain’t interested 99.9 % of the world is interested in this woman . Yeah man the thirst is real man . Shes Unreal man unreal Chris better watch her every step and stay close before some one steals this one . I saw the advert on ET and all the celebs male and female were staring and lusting over her

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