SlamXHype Interviews Jay Paavonpera

New York artist Jay Paavonpera is interested in exploring contemporary industrial dialogue; namely, he finds objects and appropriates them in a studio/gallery setting, in the process, changing their story, context and meaning. Working with a decidedly minimal aesthetic, Jay builds, redefines and paints from his Brooklyn studio, creating pieces that relate to their environment in unique ways as well as posing questions of our own relationships with our surroundings. Intrigued, POST NEW caught up with Jay for a quick chat about his work and a poke around his studio.

Jack Smylie: Found materials play a prominent role in your work. How important is the ‘finding’ process to the finished product and aesthetic?

Jay Paavonpera: I consider the finding process an integral entry point to the process of my work. In a way, the act of navigating an environment encompasses all of my ideas about space and time and our comprehension of existence in one simple gesture.

The process is often independent, but not always, and will take me in and around Brooklyn (mostly) and Manhattan — sometimes documenting, sometimes searching for materials, or sometimes just simply interacting with the environment or an object.

Read the full interview via SlamXHype.

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