Young G’z: Kush Kelz

Don’t let his name mislead you, Kush Kelz is not one of the typical weed rappers that’s flooded the music industry in recent years. The Trinidad-born, New Jersey-bred MC is capable of making any style of Hip Hop and is dedicated to creating a universal brand with his art. Since the release of his 2012 project “Very Fresh,” he’s been on a non-stop grind to take his career to the next level.

For our latest Young G’z feature, got up with the versatile MC whose dream is to have his music heard on every continent.


Mechanical Dummy: What’s your name and what do you create?

Kush Kelz: My name is Kush Kelz and I create Hip Hop music.

MD: When did you start rapping?

KUSH: I first started taking it serious in 2008, 2009.

MD: What inspired you start recording?

KUSH: I was an intern at Asylum, and I didn’t like the music that they were putting out so I just felt like I could rap, too. That’s really what made me pursue it. Just not liking the music that was being put out by the record labels. Thinking like, “Shit, I’m in here, so I can figure out how to get a record deal.”

MD: What steps did you take to make sure you were taking your craft seriously?

KUSH: Booking real studio time and focusing my self to really finish songs and not just write one verse. Just trying to build with structure and take it serious how the other artists I see on these websites do it.

MD: Where do you find inspiration when you’re creating?

KUSH: I like to be by myself for the most part. I like to be in the room by myself whether that be the studio or my room, and just smoke and just vibe out to the beat for a little while.

MD: How did you choose your name and did you have any concern about it affecting how fans view your art?

KUSH: My name just came about from me hustling and the type of smoke I had around at the time. I feel like I chose that name because I knew if the day came that people would hear me, then they would hear the music and know that is was way more than the name.

MD: Are you concerned about people lumping you in with all of the other “weed rappers” out these days?

KUSH: I don’t make those weed songs too much, for real. Rarely I do, I have maybe four or five weed songs… I feel like I can call myself anything if I got good music, which I do. My music is way more important than the name itself. So I didn’t change my name back when (I started). A lot of people said that to me, but it is what it is.

MD: Who would you compare yourself to?

KUSH: I don’t really hear myself in nobody. Only person I’ve ever heard a comparison to is Styles P… I’ve heard that more than once. I like his music, I can relate to it so I can see why maybe people would find the content [similar], but not the way I deliver it.

MD: What current artists would you like to collaborate with?

KUSH: I like Joey Bada$$, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussell and a couple of young dudes but that’s pretty much it right now.

MD: You have a diverse collection of music. From boom bap to club tracks, what makes you so versatile?

KUSH: I do the Hip Hop, the boom bap as you would say, just because that feels good to me and that’s what I grew up listening to more or less. But the club stuff and the little party records that I do, it’s cause I like to go to the club, I like to go to parties too. I wanna hear my own stuff. So, that’s why I do those records. So I can have something everywhere… I don’t wanna be in the gym and I can’t listen (to myself). If I don’t got no records to work out to, I need to make some records to work out to then. I don’t wanna be anywhere and not have records for me to play.

MD: Where should people be looking to find unseen talent these days?

KUSH: There’s definitely a lot of unseen talent that’s floating around in Jersey by itself. I feel like there’s room for everybody, there’s millions of people on this planet so everyone has room to have their own fanbase.

MD: Are you gonna bring some buzz back to Jersey?

KUSH: I definitely feel it’s a lot of buzz I could bring to Jersey. I just feel like I wanna shed light over here cause it ain’t been any light on here in a long time. And the light that was here was very dim, at best. So I just wanna bring the shine over here and I feel I can definitely do that.

MD: What’s your ultimate dream for your career?

KUSH: I would be global. My name would be on every continent and every body is being touched by the music. I’d have billboards, everything. That’s all I want really, just for people to hear the music.

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