DoAndroidsDance’s Top 10 EDM Producers Under 21

With EDM (Electronic Dance Music) emerging as one of the hottest genres in music, learn about the Young G’z on the come-up in this rapidly growing sonic world via DoAndroidsDance.


Lately, we’re hearing more of the same thing: A dope track gets played, someone mentions the producer’s age, and we immediately think, “wait, HOW OLD did you say they were?” Chalk it up to the early age children are using technology, or the easy access to production software, but there are a number of producers who are creating some impressive music that can’t get into the bars they are getting played in. And it’s not just about churning out a great melody, these producers are bringing a higher quality of sound to their productions as well.

Everyone from Breakage to A-Trak were seen as child prodigies when they first hit the scene, and now are helping lead the way. We’ve assembled a list of 10 producers who have the potential to make great strides in the EDM scene, and are young enough to have a 10+ year career in before they hit 30. Just make sure you card them when they hit the barkeep.



At 16, Alex Young is not only the youngest producer on this list, but he is one of those producers people just hate; he’s a sophomore in high school that’s already signed to Circle. He’s just as good at making house as he is at twisting out trap, and in some cases, he will mix the two. The level of quality in his tracks is what really stands out; it’s almost unheard of for someone to come out of the box and really be churning out top notch work. And he’s only just getting into his zone. Give him another year? He’ll be on the tips of everyone’s tongues.



The footwork scene is still pretty underground, but with guys like DJ Rashad getting love from major publications and releases on Hyperdub, the scene’s only going to get bigger. One of its spaced-out upstarts is Young Smoke, who has already put out an album on Planet Mu (aka one of the only spots to truly give footwork its due), and is racking up production credits as quickly as he can. Footwork’s only going to go up, and Smoke’s intergalactic grooves will play a big part of its rise.



Though the interwebs has been alive with the sound of trap music since early 2012, few have thrown themselves at the task of electrifying the genre with such utter disregard for proper mixing, song structure, or, well, anything. Hucci’s music is almost sonic nihilism, elicit a neck-snapping response at every turn. It’s heavy, raw, dark, and often quick sonically violent. Sound like an exaggeration? Try playing it on speakers with a sub or any capacity for transmitting bass and see if it doesn’t sound completely irreverent of your ear drums. Add on creative sampling and you’ve got a producer who will be very intriguing to watch as he sharpens the idiosyncrasies of his style.


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