Octavi Serra x Mateu Targa x Daniel Llugany x Pau Garcia







I might not be the most ardent fan of street art. In fact sometimes I get a little bit stroppy with how lazy graffiti artists can be – is it really necessary to write your incomprehensible alias fifty times on the same wall? – but I’ve got a lot of time for people who are able to take a medium and subvert it a little bit.

So allow me to introduce Octavi Serra, Mateu Targa, Daniel Llugany and Pau Garcia, four Spanish visual artists adorning Barcelona’s streets with sculptural installations that poke fun at Spain’s political climate and economic troubles, brightening up the city’s streets at the same time. Their mischievous plaster hands are ready to beg, borrow and steal from locations all across Barcelona, breaking and entering with reckless abandon and even having a go at the small change in phone boxes. Take note lazy tag-scrawlers.

[via itsnicethat]

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