Perspective: G’Code

“The reason we have so few geniuses is that people do not have faith in what they know to be true.”
– Kevin Solway


Things just ain’t the same for geniuses. Your blessings can feel like burdens if you don’t know how to play the game. But once you crack the code, the world explodes into a universe of possibilities. Young G’z, follow these seven steps and release the genius in you.


1. Stay true


Fame and money have no power without truth. Fake love and empty riches mean nothing when it’s time to create and destroy. Find your truth and keep it G no matter what the world throws your way.


2. Dream free


Never let reality define your dreams. The only things between your dreams and reality are your thoughts and actions. There’s a reason there are no limits in the dream world. Anything is possible.


3. Live rich


Life is beautiful, appreciate every moment. Complex or simple, big or small, we’re all connected by the infinite riches of the universe. Manifest true wealth by living life to the fullest and recognizing new blessings each day.


4. Evolve daily


Yesterday’s failures prepare for tomorrow’s successes. Life is a trip and vacations are rare. Survive the vicious cycle and keep on spinning towards the sky.


5. Believe in Love


At the end of the day, nothing else is real. Give your faith to what you love and hold on to those who believe in you. Stop trying to understand why love makes us do what we do and believe in the path it is leading you on.


6. Know fear


To know fear is to conquer it. Don’t hide from the unknown, find strength in your ability to face it. Turn fear to faith by knowing what you don’t know and forgetting what you think you do.


7. Master hate


Make hate your slave or it will enslave you. Flip the negative energy you receive into motivation for positivity. Use the hate you see in the world as inspiration to create universal love.


– G. King

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