PerZpective: Crazy x Love

“It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found.”

– John Nash


They say you have to be crazy to be an artist. And even crazier to fall in love. But who could stay sane in a world without love and art?

Art connects reality’s dots.
Artists discover the truth of this universal dream and capture it in terms we can all understand.

Love makes sanity seem crazy.
It makes sense of the highs and lows and gives reason to those who dare to scale life’s peaks and valleys.

Once you experience either, normal feels boring.
Madness becomes the only escape from the torment of everyday life.


When you get too high, don’t jump.

Pinch yourself and float back down to tell us what you saw.

We’ll follow you if you show us the way.

When you’re low, don’t lay down.

Wake up and reach for higher ground.

The top’s not as far up as you think.

To the dreamers: you’re not the only one.
Share your dreams and join us on the other side.

The grass is only as green as you perceive it.
The sky get’s bluer when you start to appreciate the grey.

Beauty and boredom are defined by the eye.
But love cannot be observed or measured. Only experienced.


Only art can capture the truth of life.
Only love can reveal the power of humanity.

Only insanity can free you from the madness of reality.
Let’s go crazy and make love before this dream ends.

Are you mad?


Don’t worry. All the best people are.

G. King

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