Young G’z: DEEzo

25-year-old MC DEEzo is creative beyond his years. With influences ranging from 2Pac to Billy Joel, the San Diego native mixes style with substance to create art that is completely unique.

With the release of his 2012 mixtape “22 Summers,” DEEzo shared his eccentric style with the Internet and built a following that includes of 10 thousand Twitter followers. Last week’s release of “Feel It” featuring Problem and “Niggas in Paris” producer Hit-Boy expanded his audience even further.

With big plans for 2013, the MC with an eye for fashion spoke to Mechanical Dummy about his family roots in the music industry, his ambitions for the fashion world and why the piano-playing singer Billy Joel became one of his greatest influences.

Words by G. King


Mechanical Dummy: What’s your name and what do you create?

DEEzo: My name is DeeZo, and I create music. I also do fashion and I just try to create opportunities for everyone around me.

MD: When did you first start making music?

DEEzo: I been making music forever. I stared when I was like eight. I used to beat box, I had my little radio, and from there I just took it serious. My dad was actually signed to Tommy Boy back in the day. He was a producer with C-Bo, Spice-1, a couple of West Coast legends and that inspired me to want to do it. Seeing that I never met my dad, that was my outlet to try to reach out to him and meet up with him. His rap name was Black Jack but he’s in a producer group now called the Track Lordz. I actually only seen my dad on YouTube. We’ve had a couple conversations but we never really met. I think it’s due to the fact that he don’t really wanna step on my toes because I’m doing music hard. He has a weird complex right now but it’s all good.

MD: You also have ambitions in the fashion world, right?

DEEzo: Me and my brother, we actually got a clothing line called Fame U Threads. We went to the Magik convention a couple times just to get it out there. We actually went to New York a couple times to help ECKO with some things. We’re just trying to get everything in order, get our ducks lined up. Me and my brother actually sit down and design. It’s mainly my brother Miles, he’s the brains behind it, he’s actually my manager too.

MD: So it’s y’all against the world?

DEEzo: Yeah, pretty much. We like LeBron and Wade, man.

MD: If you had to pick one: Music or Fashion?

DEEzo: I would say music because I would say fashion is so trendy. You can be hot one minute and then people don’t wanna wear your shit ever again. I feel like with music, it’s mainly the voice. If you’re talking about something, you got substance, your voice can live on forever. A la 2Pac, Biggie or other cats like Billy Joel. That’s my favorite artist of all time is Billy Joel. I listen to his type of music and the storytelling and everything he said was timeless. It’s always relevant. It’s like church. They’re not really speaking nothing that they ain’t said in a sermon three years ago, everything is still current because it’s real life.

MD: How’d you get up on Billy Joel?

DEEzo: I was just listening to music, tryna find myself. Growing up in LA, everybody was all on NWA and all that stuff. And growing up, I always wanted to be different. So I always was the person that wanted to debate. So if they was talking about Ice Cube and whoever was popping at the time, I was always different. I was messing with T.I. and Nelly and me just studying music, I was like, “Let me go back to the root of all this. What started before hip hop?” I just got a hold of Billy Joel and I been stuck ever since. Him and Gene Chandler, just old artists; I feel like their storytelling and just the music they picked was elegant and it was just cool.

MD: What vibe do you need to get into the creative process?

DEEzo: I don’t even have to be high or drunk or anything like that. I just love music. I was just talking to my brother the other day like, “Man, even if we don’t make it hella rich, but we still got the respect of people, I feel like we made it.” Because that’s all I really do it for. It’s like that feeling— when I was growing up I was a big wrestling fan. If you ever seen when Stone Cold Steve Austin came out, it was just like the ultimate feeling. I just wanna bring that type of energy. When my songs come on, people get that feeling like, “DeeZo is here and I don’t wanna hear nothing else for these four minutes.”

MD: What’s your ultimate goal with music?

DEEzo: If I ever get a chance to be relevant enough to where I can announce me retiring, I wanna retire and be able to have a cool ass entertainment thing in Vegas where I can keep performing like a Billy Joel. Just stuff like that so I’m always relevant and current. Even when I’m 60, so people can go back and research my stuff and still like me even if they 15, 20 or 45. I just wanna always be current and have something to talk about whether it’s positive, negative I just wanna be able to touch people. That’s it.

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