Young G’z: Mel Carter

Mel Carter’s genius goes deeper than his genes. The Kid Carter has turned his talent for poetry into a promising rap career thanks to hard work and a unique style. Since the release of last year’s “Popular Stanger” mixtape, the charismatic rhymer who spent his childhood between Brooklyn and New Jersey is carving his own lane in a game litered with posers and imitators. Mechanical Dummy got up with the Young G to discuss his childhood, his inspirations and the connection he sees between music, sports and life.

Words by G. King
Photos by Felix Natal Jr.


Mechanical Dummy: Who are you and what do you create?

Mel Carter: I’m Mel Carter, young fly flashy lil nigga who might take ya girl (laughs). And I’m a rapper extraordinaire.

MD: When did you first get inspired to make music?

MC: I used to write poetry when I was coming up as a youngin’. It just naturally transferred to music. And I always loved music, you know. It’d get me out of any situation when I wanna be somebody else, you listen to a song and it can turn you up. Any situation you just turn the music on. And then naturally, my poems turned into rhymes.

MD: What artists did you look up to coming up?

MC: Back in the day, my favorite artist was LL Cool J, because I was a chick lover and all the chicks loved him so it was hand in hand. But now, I listen to everybody: Joey Bada$$, Dom Kennedy, I listen to everybody just trying to keep up with what’s current now.

MD: What’s motivates you to keep grinding through disappointments?

MC: I just love music and I just wanna be the best at it. That’s what really drives me. Just to be the best. The absolute best. I think that’s what should drive everybody.

MD: Do you seek inspiration outside of music?

MC: I’m a sports fanatic. I think sports teach you real life valuable lessons. So sports are a major part of my life. I can probably name every analysts on SportsCenter. They kind of artists in their own sense. They kind of one in the same. They like brothers, cousins. You know every athlete wanna be an artist and every artist wanna be an athlete… We played every sport when we was young. Baseball, kick ball, kick the can, basketball, football…

MD: What do you say to people who are against trends?

MC: Trends are a good thing for the time being. It shows you for that time, it like puts it in a time capsule. It shows you what was hot during this time and all that.

MD: What do you love about performing?

MC: I just feel free on the stage. I just love to perform. Instead of you just hearing the music, I’m showing you the feeling in the music. I just performed today at a high school. I just feel free. If I could create on stage, that would be dope…

MD: What role do dreams play in your creative process?

MC: Dreams play a big part. Those are the ones you wanna catch. I have this dream all the time, with this hit song but I still didn’t catch it though. You wanna catch those and put ‘em down before you forget that. So dreams do play a major part in my creative process. Everything plays a major part.

MD: What do you look for in potential collaborators?

MC: Originality. I’ll collab with anybody as long as it makes sense and it’s hot and it’s an original idea.

MD: Have you ever used your creativity to overcome fear?

MC: The first time I performed, we was in a group like Wu-Tang like ten deep. I was so nervous, my hands was shaking like I was having a seizure. I don’t know what that was, I never felt that before. And then my homie J Dott, my homeboy, he was the first one to walk to the front of the stage. He just walked over there so confident and my hand literally stopped, it got still. And he gave me the confidence like, “Oh, we got this.”

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