PerZpective: Artist’s Paradox

“Paradoxes are the fitness machines of the imagination”


For the artist, life is a string of never-ending paradoxes.

The joy of creation is an irresistible drug.
Immediately sobered by the pain of inevitable destruction.

Humility and sensitivity inform our creativity.
But arrogance and numbness give us the courage to release it.

The realization that no idea is original should ultimately discourage us.
But we imitate and innovate until we find faith in our individual power.

Our power as creators is that we can build anything we dream.
But that truth only inspires us to keep destroying past realities.

Fans and critics can never join us in the moment of creation.
Only witness and experience the reflections and vibrations of our energy.

The love we receive is conditional; limited by past understandings of reality.
But the freedom we give is absolute; open to the interpretation of future dreamers.

Every sample, remix, cover of past art keeps the original creation alive.
Yet this survival only fuels the desire to kill old ideas and create new ones.

Why is it that “They never really miss you ‘til your dead or you’re gone?”
And that “dead rappers artists get better promotion?”

Because for the artist, death is the only release from life’s web of contradiction.


G. King

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