Mark Mulroney







Tomorrow, May 4, 2013, Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco presents a third solo exhibition from New York-based artist, Mark Mulroney. Strangely, the press release for “A Fertile Menace” accurately describes the tone of much of Mulroney’s work. “Mark Mulroney has never stabbed anyone. Once he tried to punch someone in the face but he missed, then he ran. Fortunately for Mulroney he is very fast and has managed to stay safe for nearly 35 years. When he is not running from people he failed to punch in the face he sits alone drawing, mostly naked ladies but sometimes naked men as well…. Many of these new works will be on view at Ever Gold Gallery in the heart of San Francisco’s trendy Tenderloin district where visitors can often see people trying and failing to punch other people in the face. The show opens with a swell party May 4th. Learn more at Ever Gold Gallery.

[via juxtapoz]

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