PerZpective: Creating Self

In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.”

© Frantz Fanon


You are the artist.

Your greatest creation is yourself.

Know your truth.
Learn your power.
Evolve your self.


Your truth is in you.


Find it in the nightmares of your past and the dreams of your future.
In your emotions and ideas. In your fears and foolish pride.

Why are you here?
Only you know the truth. Believe it.



Your power is infinite.

Study your world and it’s many dimensions.
Learn your self and all your dynamics.

Master what’s known and respect what is not.
A new world awaits your empowered self. Conquer it.



Your evolution is eternal.

The only way to overcome life’s cycles is to understand them.

What was becomes what is.
What could have becomes what will.

Re-create the past to re-define the future.
Only the original survive. Endure it.

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“Nobody built like you, you designed yourself.”

© B.I.G. via Jay-Z via “A Dream”

This is all a dream.
Wake up and create a reality worth experiencing.

G. King

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