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I know what you’re thinking – wouldn’t it be awesome to clad an entire room with Richard Woods’ colourful, exaggerated wood-beams? Yes it would, and now here comes the good news; The Alan Cristea Galley is exhibiting a solo show of Richard Woods’ art, complete with a floor-to-ceiling installation of his eye-popping wood-grain motif. As well as his renowned Woodblock Inlays series there’s a collection of new sculptures too.

Richard welcomes imperfections and told The Independent: “The way I print is at odds with the thing, so the print gets in the way and disturbs the geometry.” He uses traditional block-printing techniques which are then installed as parquetry – in layman’s terms, the process of inlaying wood in geometric patterns.

Richard’s “simplified, stylised facades poke fun at our aesthetic values, both mocking and paying homage to the cult of renovation and DIY” the gallery says, and this exhibition is fascinating, though it might leave you questioning the way we build our surroundings in our increasingly artificial world.

The show runs until June 1.

[via itsnicethat]

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