Young G’z: brandUn DeShay

Brandun Deshay (stylized brandUn DeShay) is a rapper and producer from the Windy City. At 23 he has already produced for the likes of Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Mac Miller, Danny Brown and Casey Veggies. In addition to producing he has released three mixtapes and two EPs as an artist. Mechanical Dummy sat down with the Young G to learn about his influences and his “7-7-7 mindset.”

words by N. Sella

Mechanical Dummy: Who are you and what do you create?

brandUn DeShay: I’m All Day Deshay, and I create good music.

MD: How do you connect art to how you feel? 

BD: I play piano, so the way I create is I try to think of whatever emotion I’m trying to provoke and kind of hit keys and chords until something strikes me and it feels like what I was looking for. If I’m inspired by the weather, I just keep playing until the right chords come along that feel like that weather. Rain or sunshine, whatever it be. The chords give my music the direction.


MD: When did you catch the creative vibe?

BD: I wasn’t even a kid, really. I mean, I guess I’m a kid now in a sense. But I would say the moment that really got me interested was I was 12. I wasn’t making music or nothing music, but the moment that made me care about music was when I was 12. I was up late at night and had heard the song “Run To The Sun” by N.E.R.D. randomly on the radio. I had never heard anything like that before and it just caught me off guard. And that’s what really sparked my care for music.

 MD: What are your other influences?

BD: The artist that I heard that inspires me to this day is Yuzo Koshiro. He’s a Japanese composer. He really discerned my taste in music and the way I play and all that. He produced the BGM (Background Music) for my favorite games. He composed those tracks, so I would sit there when I wasn’t playing the game and I would have the BGM menu on. I would play with action figures, Legos, draw, homework, or whatever I was doing at the time; and I would be listening to the video game music.


MD: What’s it like moving through the industry?

BD: The way I was able to move around the industry was using my 7-7-7 mindset, which in short means being aware of where I am, and being in the moment right now in time and space. When an opportunity is there, I was lucky enough – hence the 7-7-7 thing, to utilize all the facets that would help me get to where I need to be. Whether it is a person that I need to be talking to or information that’s gotten me where I need to be at. And that’s helped me out in my life in general, just being aware of where I am and being really in the moment.

MD: Talk about your 777 Concept…

BD: I’ve always kind of been doing this, but the way I was able to actually realize it was I was reading a Zen book. I noticed some of the pieces and said, “This sounds awfully familiar.” I kind of just focused it on how it affects me directly in my life and the people around me. How I think it will be most effective is putting it into terms of success. My whole life has always been about wanting something, striving for something. When I read this Zen book, there were certain parts of it that made me say, “Let me focus on this, let me focus on the time and space factors of it.” It’s helped me out completely. I’m a much better person now because of it and I continue to grow because of it.


MD: What advice would you give to striving artist?

BD: My advice would be, be smart and be resilient. Being smart will save you time. If you want to just be random about shit and just put out a whole bunch of music, it’s not a bad thing, you just have to be smart about it and have an idea behind it. Utilize your time to the fullest extent. You won’t be young forever. That’s why I say live in the moment. And then be resilient because shit will not come easily. You have to stick with it. Whether you’re trying to get a blog and they won’t respond to your e-mail, or you’re trying to make this certain sound that you want so bad but you just don’t have the right mind for it, opportunities will come your way. Just stay resilient and be smart and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t succeed.

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