Young G’z: CRU (Creative Revolution Union)

Suli Chillis has a goal to unite like-minded individuals from all creative backgrounds through his organization, Creative Revolution Union (CRU). CRU has put together showcases for artists and featured the likes of Schoolboy Q, Trinidad James and Smoke DZA, as well as allowing those into all of the different arts an opportunity to network. Mechanical Dummy chatted with Suli to learn more about CRU and how he got where he is today.

Words by NJ

Mechanical Dummy: What is your name and what do you create?

Suli: My name is Suli Chillis and I create unity.

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MD: How do you do that and can you talk about your organization?

SC: Creative Revolution Union (CRU). It’s a catalyst for the creative leaders of Generation Y. We believe our generation is most influences by art, fashion, music and entertainment. So if we can bring together those people who produce those works and unite, then we can in turn influence unity through creativity amongst our entire generation. Through events, creative platforms, cook outs, showcases and different things we invite different creative leaders and artists to come together and network and create organic bonds. We do it on a local basis; we are based in Atlanta but plan to expand.

MD: What are some of things you guys do?

SC: The first concert we ever did was a charity concert with Schoolboy Q. We brought some other local artists and made the event completely free. All you had to do was donate 5 dollars or canned goods and all the proceeds went to Feed The Hungry. We also did the “Right Brain” showcase at A3C with Ab-Soul, Trinidad James and Smoke DZA. Most recently we did the New Atlanta showcase at SXSW.

MD: Can you explain the concept behind New Atlanta?

SC: New Atlanta was a platform to showcase what’s going on and unknown in Atlanta. It’s music, art, fashion and a bunch of creative young minds that wanted to come together and get to the same place. If we can all get together and get a big spot light we would be able to really get things going.

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MD: What is the skill you guys have to get things done?

SC: I think the biggest thing is keeping it organic. Keeping it simple. Creativity is free and that will bring people out. Keeping it organic and keeping the message authentic.

MD: What did you pick up from your time at college (Morehouse)?

SC: I was a double major in Business Marketing and Psychology. I picked up little things but honestly, the greatest gain I had was from a Philosophy class. It got me thinking about how we all think the same way and it got me to this whole unity thing. The marketing classes familiarized me with how to do these sorts of things on a larger scale.

MD: What is it about you that makes you a great leader?

SC: I believe it’s my willingness to reach out and actively help other artists out organically. That’s a great question.

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MD: What do you have planned in the next year?  And what’s the big picture?

SC: Diversify. To expand and get CRU to what it is our circle to everyone else. I really want to get a tour and involve the colleges. We are working on a website and developing it to be a social network, like Facebook was created for college students, this will be for the creative leaders of Generation Y. Many of us do multiple things creatively.

MD: What advice would give kids who are trying to do the type of things you are doing?

SC: I’m still trying to find myself. It’s cliché but listen to yourself. Trust yourself.

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