Young G’z: Yung Fresh

Yung Fresh is an artist, producer and well – whatever else he wants to be. He does it all. Hailing from Bean town, he’s always in his studio, named Studio Heat (because of the lack of AC). He is a humble individual who is thankful for everything he gets and takes any opportunity he can to perform. He’s performed at Berkley and other venues in the Boston area. When he was 13 he entered a song contest with Hot 97 Boston and after beating out everyone for 7 weeks straight, he was given his own show, which air every Sunday 12-1pm. Mechanical Dummy caught up with the yung artist to learn more about how he stands out and what got him to where he is now.

Words by N.Sella

Mechanical Dummy: What is your name and what do you create?

Yung Fresh: My name is Yung Fresh and I create music. I engineer, I produce, I do every aspect. I can do it all.


MD: When did you start making music?

YF: I started making music in 2006. My uncles are some of the biggest radio DJs in Boston and growing up in that culture of music really made me like music and how music had an effect on people and how the right song could capture the crowd. I just really wanted to make music. I got membership at the Boys and Girls club and heard they were gonna start a studio and there as no rapper or anything there, so I took the opportunity to learn about it and progress.

MD: So growing up who were some of the people you listened to, and what made you want to go in hip-hop direction?

YF: The person I really listened to a lot was Biggie, and I listened to Nas but my favorite rapper was Big L, and still is. I just liked how they could tell stories and it was so interesting. That’s what really influenced me growing up.

MD: What makes you stand out?

YF: My confidence and how I’m humbled by everything and I still am. I make sure I never let my head get gassed up and appreciate everything. That makes me stand out; I’m confident but not cocky at all. What makes me really stand out is my flow and how I did things. I can rap to everything. Just play a beat for me, it can be country, it can be rock, it can be anything, and I’ll make it work. I was determined to take any challenge and make it work for me.

MD: That’s an interesting challenge for a lot of artists, to be cocky and remain humble. How do you do that?

YF: I was lucky to grow up in a household with my mom and my dad and they raised me pretty good. I appreciate everything I get and say thank you for everything. I make sure I’m very appreciative and never feel like I’m bigger than anyone. I just am humble and I got it from my parents.

MD: You are definitely a role model for a lot of younger kids, what do you share with them and what advice do you give them?

YF: I tell them to be you and not try to be the next whoever they look up to. It’s good to be inspired by them but you shouldn’t want to be them. You should want to be original and yourself. You don’t want people saying you’re the next this or that. I tell them you got to be really committed to music and love doing it. I tell them to love what they do and tell their story and be good at it. Practice.

MD: What’s your ultimate goal with music.

YF: My ultimate goal is to get a Grammy. That’s really my ultimate goal, or even to go the Grammys. I really want to put my city on the map. Not many people come out of Boston music wise and I really want to shine a light on the talent here. I want people to see that Boston is actually growing on the music scene.


MD: What do you think is missing from hip-hop? What are you going to try to bring to the game that’s different?

YF: I feel like originality. I feel like a lot of people are getting caught up in the trap music and don’t really live that life. A lot of people are rapping about what they got but that’s not how they got famous. They were telling their story and storytelling and when they make it, they rap about materialist things and the lyrics aren’t there.

MD: What advice would you give to a young artist to get heard?

YF: You should work on your craft and just keep pushing your music and give it to everyone. The more people you give it to and share it with, then you fan base will keep growing. As long as your stay true to yourself and keep working hard then you’ll get something out of it. As much work as you put in you’ll get right out.

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