Linda Dajana Krüger


what-we-look-like-in-50-years-06 what-we-look-like-in-50-years-07 what-we-look-like-in-50-years-08 what-we-look-like-in-50-years-01 what-we-look-like-in-50-years-02 what-we-look-like-in-50-years-03 what-we-look-like-in-50-years-05

Looking through her aunt’s teenage photos from the 1960s inspired photographer Linda Dajana Krüger also known as Dai Lyn Power’s latest photo series for Vice Germany.  My Generation is a result of what Krüger believes her generation will look like 50 years from now.  She used local senior residents from a local retirement home and dressed them in her own clothes.  Click here to view the whole series.

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