MD Intern’s Alexis Top 10 Vine Pickz of the Week!

10)”Clip Monster”- Kaif
Who would think a hairclip can be so hungry!

9)”Gum Drops”- Evan Hilton
One minute it’s paint, another it’s a snack

8)”Popcorn Time”- Zach King
It’s raining…. popcorn?

7) “Say Something Nice”- Oh Dip! Its Pat’s
Watch what happens when you don’t follow Vine’s say something nice rule

6) “Apple Cars”- Magic with WebTechMan
How cool would it be if Apple designed cars!

5)”Apple Logo”- Noah H Playing around a little too much with the Apple logo

4) “Salad Fun”-Ali H
Who knew salads had so much personality!

3)”Across the Universe”- Pinot
A simple drawing exploring it’s horizons

2) “Original Copy”- Tee Ken Ng
Dope visual!

1)”Lego Challenge”- Hunter Harrison
How many people use legos to jumpstart their day?

Alexis Burnett (@sixela718)

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