If you are searching for the perfect street accessory, that will not make you look ratchet or "clichée", my ladies, take a look at that etsy shop (here) by owner/jewellery, french designer MERYSTACHE , combining multiple Hip-Hop streetwear "code" in one, with them "SNEACKERS NECKLACE". If you don't have enough money to buy your dream sneackers pair (Jordans, Yeezy, Air Max etc.), opt for the tiny version of it and be flawless ! We are often told that "the bigger, the better", but when it comes to her handmade jewelery work, we like it small ... so cute and original! You will not see the girl next door wearing the same stuff as you, trust me! Choose it, buy it and let your gold/silver/black tones chains hang looowww ... starting at 29€.







Sans titre-1

- codsolivia(twitterinstagram)

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