Young G’z: Charlie B

Charlie B is an R&B/Pop artist who has a lot to offer the world with his incredible talent for music. Not only has he got a heart-warming soulful voice, but he is also a phenomenal dancer—inspired by the music legend Michael Jackson. Mechanical Dummy sat down with the Young Geniuz to learn more about his musical background, and with a growing fan-base across the world—you can expect a lot more from this passionate young artist in the future.

Words by. Nadia Macintyre (@nadiacbreezy)


MD: Tell us about yourself, Who is Charlie B?

CB: Charlie B I would describe as an emotion writing all of my songs and songs for others is inspired by everything in my past .

MD: Who inspired you musically whilst growing up?

CB: Growing up around the house we listened to a lot of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, & Jackson 5

MD: Not only are you an incredible singer but as you mentioned you are also a songwriter so what would you say is your most personal song and why?

CB: My most personal song would have to be “You told me”, I wrote two songs for my mother after she passed “Make You Proud” and “You Told Me” make you proud was more of a mainstream, wrote the record in order to get my story out to the public.

MD: What would you say makes you different from other artists?

CB: What makes me different from other artist. What makes any artist different is not being afraid to be themselves in music. Looking pass just “mainstream” and also providing who you really are. That’s something im not afraid to express to the public is my real life so I feel that’s what makes me different in music.

MD: What do you hope to achieve in the future?

CB: What I hope to achieve is giving the same feeling Michael gave the world in music. I don’t drink or smoke or cuss or have tattoos. My dads a Pastor so I want to provide strong messages through every song and hope it can get someone through whatever they’re going through, so that’s what I look to achieve in the future. Sold out stadiums because of the feeling through my music.

MD: When did you realise that music was what you wanted to spend your life doing?

CB: I started out doing music and choir when I was 7 once I graduated I stopped for about a year to figure my life out, so I officially knew it after I graduated high school

MD: You have a loyal and forever growing fan base, what can they look forward to from you in the future?

CB: Old and new fans can look forward to a new creative wave of music. Something fresh, lyrical and gives them a true emotion to love, dance, fight against bullies, and more.

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