Young G’z: SOS Dynamikz

SOS Dynamikz, born Sheldon Sullivan, is a Jamaican Producer/Rapper who resides in Mandeville, Manchester. Born with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Sheldon had difficulty learning in his younger days which disabled him from many activities. One activity that held on however was his love for music. After being taught how to use the production program Frooty Loops, he went on to channel his love into some beautiful Hip-Hop and Dancehall productions that has caught the ears of many. With production credits from artists such as Blu Rok, his own group BPM, Konshens, Kalado, and Voicemail; SOS looks forward to making more music in 2014 and beyond. Mechanical Dummy recently sat down with him to see how passionate he is about his craft and how far he wants to go with it.

Words by W. Haye.

Mechanical Dummy: Who is SOS Dynamikz and what do you create?

SOS Dynamikz: I am a beat maker and music producer, and I create Hip-Hop and Dancehall music.

MD: What made you start producing? Describe your sound.

SOS: My love for listening to a lot of Hip-Hop made me want to try my hand in production. After listening to albums from the likes of Timbaland, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott and Outkast I started to develop ideas on making beats sounding just as good as theirs. I call my sound the “Musictopia Sound,” as they’re out of this world. I tend to see myself as an alien when it comes to my productions, they don’t sound like anyone else’s no matter the genre I’m working with.

MD: I’m aware that you were born with ADHD, how has that affected your work?

SOS: It actually helps with my production, It gets me thinking about what to do and what not to do in my creative process. Although my condition pushes me to be hyperactive, it actually pushes me to work more on my beats. Many would think that it would demotivate me but you can say it enhances me in being creative.

MD: Who are your musical influences?

SOS: I look up to many but my top 5 influences would have to be DanjaHandz, Timbaland, Don Cannon, Young Fyre, and DJ Premier.

MD: Name some of the songs that you’ve produced so far.

SOS: I produced “Jiggle” – Konshens, “Make Me Feel” – Kalado, “Black Skin” – Jane Macgizmo, and “One Order” – Voicemail.

MD: What challenges have you faced so far in your career?

SOS: My main challenge is not getting the recognition I deserve for my work and the benefits that should follow with that.

MD: You also rap with local group named BPM, how do you balance rapping and producing?

SOS: I don’t rap as much as I used to. I started rapping before I produced, but over the years I leaned more towards producing. When it comes to my group and others, I usually make the beats but if i’m needed to drop a verse I do. There’s no need for balancing.

MD: If you could pick one artist for a dream project, who would that be?

SOS: Lately my pick for a dream collaboration would be Kendrick Lamar. I believe it would be something epic as I really respect his lyricism and his aim to be a very lyrical artist in the music business.

MD: What are your plans for 2014 and beyond?

SOS: All I can say is they’ll be grand and good. I can’t reveal what i’m working on yet. This is something I live for and this is what I do (producing). So tune in.

MD: Any advice for upcoming producers?

SOS: Never give up. If you know you’re good and people receive your work well, work on making it even better. Love your work, you’ll never know what can happen for you.

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