Original G’z: Paislee Hats

Mechanical Dummy got the scoop on one of the hottest headwear brands that’s on the top of everyones’ heads right now. You’ve seen Jay Z, French Montana and others don the bold hats from Paislee, and brand director Richie Perna explained what sets the brand apart and where they get inspiration.

Mechanical Dummy: What inspired the creation of the brand?

Paislee Hats: We saw a void in the hat market, its really easy to get a hat with your favorite team, your hometown, even most brands now offer hats with their logo or brand all over it. But there wasn’t really anything that stood apart from the crowd and we just went from there.

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MD: Where do you seek inspiration for new designs?

PH: Sounds cliché, but everywhere. Popular song lyrics, 80’s & 90’s pop culture, movies, anywhere really; each snapback has its own story.


MD: What separates your product from other headwear brands?

PH: Our quality for starters, we started like most on blanks from a really popular manufacturer, but we pushed forward and designed our own snapback and it’s really second to none. The lining, the golden “Paislee” on the back lets our customers know we spared no expense to deliver one of the freshest hats around. Also we really strive to be different, in this day and age the imitators come fast and furious so we constantly push the envelope with our acrylic. But we keep it clean because you still want people to wear them.

MD: Why are your prices high?

PH: Supply and demand. No just kidding, I think our product is modestly priced for what you receive, a unique hat, assembled in New York City by hand that is instantly an attention grabber the second you enter a room.

MD: What’s the ultimate goal of your brand?

PH: Honestly the ultimate goal was achieved already, we just wanted to influence the culture. And we did just that with clients as notable as Jay-Z, Lebron James, Swizz Beats, Alicia Keys, Rick Ross, and boutiques carrying us as far away as Australia we’ve made an impact, now we just have continue to innovate.


MD: What pieces have gotten the most love/ hate?

PH: Depends on whom you ask? The “yen dollar pound” is our top seller, but no matter what the hat says it definitely evokes a response from on lookers. The high fashion types prefer “PARIS” or “MERCY”; the adventurous types like the ones that are a little more profane like “FUCK”. We feel like there is a Paislee hat for everyone and if there isn’t, just wait.


MD: What’s Next?

PH: Got some collaborations coming up of course I can’t say with whom just yet, the lawyers don’t like it when we leak stuff. Apparel is definitely on deck, you can expect t-shirts this spring summer as well as socks. But really we just want to keep having fun manifesting this dream.

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