Perzpective: Beats Music In High Demand… It’s The Next Episode

You’ve probably seen commercials for his popular headphone line, Beats by Dre. Now, Dr. Dre has unleashed his latest project, the subscription streaming music service called—what else—Beats Music. Gone are the days of making the perfect playlist on a CD for the trek down the freeway. Technology has advanced to the point that it pretty much knows what you’re thinking, and finds the song you want to hear. Those that have subscribed to Spotify know this. Beats Music uses humans to curate the content tailored to your liking through your settings that are stored on the cloud.

Like other streaming services, subscribers pay $9.99 per month to listen to all the music they desire. AT&T has teamed up with Beats Music to become family friendly—charging $14.99 on your monthly bill. This family setting allows five users to create their own profile on up to 10 different devices. And like other subscription services, you’re treated to a grace period. Try a seven-day free trial, or enjoy three months free on AT&T before the $14.99 is added monthly.


The Beats Entertainment group has focused on mobile users to get the most out of their music. Whether you own an iPhone (iOS), Android, or Windows phone, you can enjoy the simplicity and personalization that Beats Music has to offer. If you’re on your laptop, not accessing the app, you can utilize Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer to play your favorite songs.

From a social aspect, users are granted the opportunity to share what they’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter—much like Spotify. The app also displays the Twitter handles of those artists that are being played, in case you want to give them a follow.

As soon as you open the app, you are asked your favorite artists and genre of music. This helps the “cloud” formulate a playlist around your preferences. Like Pandora users—and Spotify users—you want to enjoy your playlist without having to skip songs. Very user friendly, Beats Music has a “Just For You” tab, allowing you to voice your opinion on certain songs to further filter towards your interests. You can find the newest hits in your favorite genre by searching under the “Find It” tab, and you can even save full albums to your library.


A cool feature of Beats Music is “The Sentence” tab. You just complete a sentence with the mood you’re currently in, and let the platform work its magic, finding the music that fits your mood. Whether you’re going to the club, going through a break-up, or prepping for a test; Beats Music and Chief Creative Officer, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, have created this curation feature to fit your current mood.

Music is changing to accommodate the online world, and spending $9.99 gives you an unlimited amount of music. Spotify has some 24 million active subscribers, and some 20 million songs in their catalog, giving you a wide variety of music. Beats Music has matched Spotify with its 20 million songs, but will it receive enough buzz to eclipse the plateau of the streaming music juggernaut?

Though just in its infancy, Beats Music is taking the right steps to make sure it’s the only music service you ride to in your fleet.

Words by Ryan Clutter

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