PerZpective: KimYe Vs. Vogue

Those ever-sneaky “insiders” have recently revealed that while most of the country was fighting sleep watching this years Super Bowl, Kim Kardashian may have been getting photographed for the cover of US Vogue. As with most female celebrities, donning the cover of Vogue has been a dream of Kim’s for quite sometime and her fiance, Kanye West, is dead set on making it happen in spite of Anna Wintour’s repeated rejections. In fact, from all the 250-word blurbs that can be found on most pop culture blogs, it
wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Kanye was willing to write a check for the favor and it’s that idea that saddens me as a true fan of Mr. West.

A persistent Ye had the audacity to confront Anna Wintour at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge about why she felt Girls creator and lead-actress, Lena Dunham was worthy of the cover (February 2014) but not his beloved Kim. To start, Lena wrote, directed and starred in a full length independent film, Tiny Furniture, at age 24. To continue she’s won two Golden Globes for her hit HBO series currently in its third season and has penned a $3.6 million book deal. But, I guess, he’s right because she totally has less than 1.5 million followers on Twitter where it really counts.


Somewhere along the way Kanye lost his love for the hustle. This is the only logical explanation as he spent the greater half of 2013 crying over leather jogging pants. His marriage to reality queen Kim Kardashian could be to blame as Ye has labored diligently styling Kim for various red carpets and winning over the powers that be to get her invited to such events as the 2013 Met Gala (where he, apparently, took his stylists cap off). Perhaps, in turn, Kim has taught Ye perfect form for resting on his laurels and it seems the two honestly believe the near 30 million Twitter followers they have between them are enough to carry them to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the cover of American Vogue and front row of a Louis Vuitton-backed Kanye West show at Paris Fashion Week.

And maybe in this Miley-crazed, Vine-riddled world it should be enough but what a relief that it isn’t. How oddly inspiring is it that even someone as influential, groundbreaking and legendary as Kanye West has not yet reached the pinnacle of his dreams? Even he has more doors to kick down and more bullshit to overcome. But rather than share his struggle in a way that we can understand and take part in, he ranted in concert, and ran around radio and late night television kicking and screaming like a bad ass White kid at Wal-Mart. What happened to five beats a day for three summers?

It’s been wild to witness such a great artist slowly lose his grip. In many interviews, Ye can be heard comparing his wife-to-be to the iconic Marilyn Monroe, which is laughably inaccurate. If ever there were a book compiling the greatest sex symbols of the last hundred years then, yes, the two would share the pages of that book. In all other instances, no. Marilyn was an actress. She made a white dress and a gust of wind a piece of history. She was infectious and charismatic and awe-inspiring. Something about her moved people then in a way it still does today. What has Kim Kardashian created? What has Kim inspired in others? Even if we were to consider Keeping Up a body of creative work likened to an album or movie it would be a mediocre album at best and the most discouraging of all is that Kim hasn’t tried her hand at anything else worthwhile (besides being really pretty and stuff… and that Tyler Perry movie). You would think a chick that rose so triumphantly from the most well-known sex tape of our generation would have a bit more confidence. I don’t mean “I’m producing a reality show starring Blac Chyna”-confident. I mean, “Anna Wintour will be nothing more than a missed call”-confident.


Respect is earned but it seems this young Hollywood couple doesn’t think they have anything to prove to anyone. The world should be writing them checks and thanking them for their presence. They are, as Ye continuously harps, American royalty, right? More relevant and consequentially more important than even the Obamas. When confronted about that particular claim in the now famous Breakfast Club interview, Ye spouted, “Don’t nobody care what Obama wearin'”. Charlamagne quickly rebuffed Ye’s response noting that the First Lady’s outfits are always seen in Voque and other magazines to which Kanye replied “Do you care about Vogue? Do you read that?”


– Words by The Chicago Rose

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