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Three young geniuses created their own company to re-create the future. Co-founders Varick Tecson, Carlo Abalos and Jumel Raro are the creators of VAPE NYC, a movement to a healthier lifestyle. According to Tecson, the Social Media Director of the company, vapes are the future because only 1% of Americans use them, which means the number of users can only rise.

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“There are only four ingredients in vapes, compared to over 4,000 chemicals that are in cigarettes,” said Tecson. There are no carcinogens, tar or deadly second-hand smoke with vapes. The four ingredients in vapes are Propylene Glycoll, which is also used in soda and Gatorade and suspends the flavor and juice, Vegetable Glycerin, which is pretty much just water vapor, they can be nicotine-filled or non-nicotine filled, and the fourth ingredient is the added flavor.

Vape State Of Mind Black Logo

By branding VAPE NYC with New York City, the company’s state of mind stays fresh, trendy and forever growing. While the vapes are bought wholesale, the wrapping labels on each vape is exclusively customized by VAPE NYC and marked “VSOM,” or Vape State of Mind. Each month, a newly designed wrap is released.


VAPE NYC has collaborated with a number of people including Clams Casino, A$AP Rocky’s producer, on his summer mixtape. The customize wrap became known as “the clams casino.”

Clams Casino Vape Pen

As a growing company, VAPE NYC works with other companies to put their name out there. VAPE NYC offers 42 flavors and affordable kits that run from $39 to $160. Each kit can be customized and comes with any juice of choice, a case, a battery and a charger.

Custom KitsWrapped Pens

Out of the 42 flavors, the top three are EZ Does It/Apple Jolly Rancher from Ruthless eJuice, Watermelon from Quicknik Juice and Tutty-Fruity/Fruity Pebbles. Monthly tasting events are usually at Fat Buddha Bar or Razorsharp Barbershop.

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Check out their website, Instagram and Twitter for updates on VAPE NYC!

Carlo Abalos

Carlo : Varick Tecson

Jumel Raro




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