PerZpective: Roku’s New Toy?


Roku, a leading provider of streaming entertainment, has added a new tool to provide a more pleasurable experience when watching your favorite shows and films online. Roku has become popular with their cable box of sorts, full of apps and channels that allow users to enjoy over 1,200 “channels” of entertainment—including HBO-GO, Watch ESPN, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, I Heart Radio, and Spotify.

Trying to keep up with the competition, namely Google’s Chromecast portable streaming device, Roku has issued an April 2014 release date for its Streaming Stick, available for pre-order right now at $49.99. The USB stick streams all of its content in up to 1080p HD video. What sets the device apart is the addition of a remote control. When we’re streaming entertainment from our tablets, mobile devices, even laptops with USB/HDMI sticks, we’re left to control and browse various media options through our devices, only able to watch the selected program on the TV. With the Roku Streaming Stick, we’ll be able to browse all the options—whether YouTube videos, ESPN, or Netflix—through the remote control, directly on the TV.

But how will the remote work? If the USB port is connected to the back of the TV with the HDMI plug-in, the remote is equipped with Wi-Fi direct, so it will sense how you’re trying to control it. The device is just 3 inches long, comparable to the Chromecast, and with frequently updated content on Roku’s interface, you’ll be treated to all the media content you can handle, and then some.

Features for the portable TV include built-in wireless, dual-band wireless, ability to search the Roku platform for desired viewing, as well as channel shortcuts for easy navigation between apps, or “channels” as Roku calls them. Simply plug the stick into an HDMI port on the TV in your living room, and you’ll see the Roku interface appear on screen. We live in an age where we want instant viewing experiences with control at our fingertips. The Roku Streaming Stick has achieved just that.

To ensure all of their users are 100 percent comfortable and satisfied with their purchase, Roku offers a 30-day money back guarantee. With all the options, and a price marked at $49.99, everything about the Streaming Stick screams success.






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