Young G’z: Tyrik

Meet Tyrik young R&B/Soul-Pop artist from Harlem, New York. As Mechanical Dummy sat down with Tyrik we dove deep into his humble demeanor and found out what drives him to continue with his music. His upbringing helped to mold his character into the upstanding and utterly talented young man that he is today. Tyrik is releasing his new single Let’s Say this week, a song about the trials and tribulations through life and love.

Mechanical Dummy: Who are you?

Tyrik: I am Tyrik Ballard; a young man that’s trying to find his path in life. I know what I want to do as far as music, I want to make my mark on the world. I want everyone to know who Tyrik is.

MD: How or why did growing up in Harlem influence you?

T: Growing up in Harlem, it just made my skin tough. In Harlem you always have to watch your back, you never know what could happen but being raised there really influenced my music because of the cultural diversity surrounding the area. Walking down 125th Street as a young man passing the legendary Apollo Theater, I always dreamed of being on that stage performing my own music.

MD: Describe your sound in 3 words.

T: Soulful. Different. Pure.

MD: What decade of music inspires you the most? Name exactly what artists and why.

T: Definitely has to be 90’s R&B; the music was so real, you could really relate to it. Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell.. Man, the tone of his voice automatically caught my attention especially in that particular song. As well as Brian McKnight’s ability to transition from his head voice to his falsetto is the most intricate sound I’ve ever heard in my entire life. And last but definitely not least Michael Jackson, enough said.



MD: You’re voice is amazing and extremely well developed. Have you had any vocal training?

T: Thank you. I’ve had vocal training for the past year under the outspoken legend Craig Derry, formerly signed to Sugar Hill Records. Craig has taught me how important breathing and singing from your diaphragm is, his technique has taught me how to protect my voice. He has given me the confidence that has helped and will continue to help me become the performer I am and will be.

MD: What is your biggest dream that you hope your music will help fulfill?

T: I want my music to touch peoples lives by telling stories that people can relate to. For instance I want to write a song that is heard around the world just as  Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson was and still is today.


MD: What or whom is your number one motivation?

T: My mom. She is the greatest woman in the entire world. She supports me in everything I do and always has my back no matter what the situation is. My mom has worked so hard to keep a roof over me and my brothers head and I want nothing more than to return the favor and then some. The reason why I do music is so my mom never has to work another day in her life.

Stay tuned with Mechanical Dummy for more from Tyrik!

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