ExcluZive: Broccoli City Festival In Washington D.C.

What is Broccoli City? Broccoli City is a social enterprise whose mission is to develop ways of living healthier and more sustainable in the urban community. Recently Baker covered footage on Broccoli City Festival 2014 in Washington, DC April 19th 2014. From the music, art, food, drinks and pop up shops Broccoli City Festival is one to remember.

Chief JR from Kitchen Cray even shows us their way of dishing up Shrimp & Grits. Chaz French an artist on the Broccoli City Fest line-up talks about his first BC experience, and catch his performance. Baker talks to some of the vendors from Uber DC , Woodville Unlimited and more. Marcus Allen one of the creators behind Broccoli City Festival gives Baker a run down on the event. Check out the video below from the vendors, performers, and crowd participation.

Stay tuned for the NEXT Broccoli City Festival next year!

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