Premiere: J. Ab – “Loyal” (Bangers & Banghers)

Chris Brown’s hit single “Loyal” has taken over airwaves, blogs and studio booths ever since it’s release 6 months ago. After hearing various rappers and singers cover the single, R&B crooner J. Ab has hopped on the track, offering up “Loyal (Bangers & Banghers Mix)”.

While the original single tells a tale of untrustworthy women, J. Ab takes the song to heightened levels by offering the precursor narrative to the hit anthem; one of which speaks on how clubs nights and alcohol play a huge role in how some members of the opposite sex approach the “evolving” concept of loyalty.

“Loyal (Bangers & Banghers Mix)” is the first in a series of mixes done by the R&B/Soul singer, so be on the look out for more music to come.

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