Canvas…Paint…Action !!!!

Passion has no age limit, instead of only  watching cartoons, as a child Jay West illustrated them ; from Sonic to Elmo Jay allows  his creative side to roar!

Mr.West is not new comer to the Art Game nor the Streets. He takes what lessons he learned from growing up in harlem and brings them to life on canvases. With his own distinctive style Jay has been able to single handedly shut down the art game.

Breaking boundaries with Bape has been one of his most famous accomplishments. Bape collaborations have been cartoon driven in the past, but Jay has been able to change the game by staying honest to his Pop Expressionism style. Not only did Bape love it but the people did too.

His shirt sold out, but for Mr.West this was not the success he described, the real success  were both brands not having to compromise.

While his art appeals to Generation Y and others ,his inspiration is drawn from some of arts OG‘s like Michelangelo and Mark Rothko.“He indicated  that Abstract Expressionism allows him to flow“ ; Its impressive how he draws from the soul of Harlem and the subtleties are in his art.

In an interview Jay stated  “I feel that my surroundings really influences my work as well . You’re always a product of your environment . It’s like , if you see gloomy skies and crackheads and gang violence . I could easily been sucked into that , but I took that , that backdrop , and made it like an influence . I made that and took it all and put it into an image or characters of my own“ Justin West

Jay West is far along his road to success, be sure to accompany him on his journey by staying updated on his latest pieces and where abouts. Follow him on Instagram @JayWestArt and on Twitter @TheeJayWest


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