…Changing the world, one sequin at a time…

There are some passions that you grab a hold of at a young age and simply never let go. Such is the case with artist Sammy  Sky, who has been mastering  the  techniques of fashion and design since the age of thirteen. As she’s grown into a young women, Sammy, like any smart artist, has narrowed her medium’s specialty to what she enjoys doing best, which is creating her own clothing line “Genius Juice” and launching her very own style firm, “StylesBySammy” which will be launching this summer. She has also indited her personal artistic style, and describes it as “minimalist with an abstract influence”.

“I love to keep art simple yet complex . Many could see how I incorporate this in my clothing line and styling. Having that one aspect that stands out in a simplistic design is what I think pulls it all together.”―Sammy Sky

For Ms.Sky art has always been an outlet to express who she is and how she is  feeling. She often describes the body as a “blank canvas” and the garments as the paint. Everyday she has the option to wake up and create a new painting or create an outlet to express who she is in today’s world for not only herself but for others.  Sammy spends her days enlightening  her peers one sequin at a time. Which may come as a surprise to her, but this is why art is such an amazing thing ; Self fulfilling yet inspirational to others all at once.

Sammy’s dreams of becoming a fashion mogul haven’t become reality through magic; it has taken determination and hard work. So grab your fabric, needle and thread to help Sammy make her once dreams an even bigger reality ! Follow her on Instagram @SammySky Twitter @SammyXSky and be sure to check out her online shop http://geniusjuice.bigcartel.com/




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