Flex Kartel’s New Single: Shooting Guard


Tune into Flex Kartel’s newest single “Shooting Guard“

Flex Kartel has been developing a lot of buzz since the release of his first mixtape “20fk”. Flex has just released a more than satisfactory track featuring his twin brother Biggs Cooley titled “Shooting Guard” from his upcoming project labeled “Just for you”.

The listeners have been nothing but pleased with the new single dedicated and devoted to loving memory of his late close friend Sephar Jean Simon.

Flex Kartel incorporates the drill style of music, with a twist of lyrical content, and crafty word play.

The attention grabber that sets this song and artist apart from all the others is the fact that him and his twin brother are exactly identical but deliver two completely different styles of music.

This visual along with the record is for sure to grab the attention of spectators across all platforms. Watch the video below and also download the official track from Flex Kartel below.


Twitter- @FlexKartel and Instagram- FlexKartel



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