…The human body is the best work of art…

Movie fans often overlook the work of special effects makeup artists like Samantha Christianson which does not come as a complete surprise because the robots, monsters and elderly characters on the screen appear to be real, but in reality its all just great makeup and prosthetics.

From fan favorites like Men In Black and Pirates Of The Caribbean to gory films like The Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre these charters are brought to life by FX MUA’S.

“There is nothing more exciting in life than seeing someone to paint,  stopping me dead in my tracks and making think Oh man I have to paint them! City life, to everyday people in a grocery store or a model in magazine my heart pounds with inspiration and excitement from the onset of the idea until the final stroke on that 3D canvas. I paint what I know,  but most importantly  i paint on what I love and thats new people that strike my heart…” – Samantha Christianson

Samantha has been making art since childhood. Strongly influenced by her exposer to fashion, music and culture from around the world she became familiar and comfortable with many forms of art. Which rang from Body painting, Airbrushing, Costume Design, MakeUp MUA and Photography all in which she is licensed red seal trade aesthetician in province of Manitoba. Ms.Christianson experienced first hand the passion to make art and the excitement in experimenting in multi-medias. It was the beginning of how she would forever see the world.

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