Premiere: Bizz-E Blaze – Whats Patience? (Back2Bizzness)




The saying ‘Get Bizze’ has been growing more popular as of late and I think it’s safe to say that you can credit Bizz-E Blaze who has proven that he is without question one of the next up out of New York (Brooklyn to be exact). After diving into his videos, music and getting the chance to personally interview Bizz-E and see/hear him first hand you can tell the kid is Brooklyn, New York. Not too often these days do you see artists backing up what they make music about but Bizz-E Blaze continues to represent for NY and his SCUM team. Do you ever walk around the city or Brooklyn and see countless people wearing SCUM apparel? (Thats Bizz-E Blaze). Today we have been given the opportunity to premiere the last track from Bizz-E Blaze most recent series ‘Back2Bizness’ which has covered masses of your favorite blogs and music platforms during the month of June. This is clearly not the end to Bizz-E Blaze campaign and I believe you can get the hint in the new release. Stay tuned for more from the Brooklyn artist and make sure to follow him over on Twitter @BizzEBlaze. May we present you…. ‘Whats Patience?’

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