Tribute To Peter Judson IV [Submission]

Friends and family submitted this touching tribute to Peter Judson IV, a generous, caring young man who loved to dance. Watch his partners honor him by dancing and telling stories about his life.

RIP to Peter Judson, our prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

Below is a message from Peter’s sister Diamond:

“My name is Diamond Nicole and I wanted to submit a tribute video from my brothers and I. Our younger brother, Peter Judson aka Cali, was killed in an accident in Atlanta on the highway and we created a video that we wanted
to share to you and others. We are natural born artists in every way you can imagine, we are here to save lives and change lives through art. Our brother was 20 years old when he passed and we now carry his dreams mixed
with our dreams. We would love to promote for you all, advertise with you, whatever you need we are here. We run our own family brand team, UCE “Rawesome”, which stands for Raw and Awesome. “Rawesome” stands for wanting to make a difference in peoples lives through art and bring
people together with positivity through art.”

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