…Creativity takes courage…

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.

Paul Ribera is an artist who can second that. Without his surroundings there would be no art and without his art there would be no Paul.

“Many people may think I’m on drugs after seeing my art, but their wrong it’s just my style which is simply inspired by the lives of people I’ve hung around.” – Paul Ribera

Shinning light on dark places has been the key to Paul’s success. In his art he tells the stories of children who grow up parentless and lets us in on what really happens in the boarded up homes we know as “Bandos”.

Every story needs its charchters right? Mr. Ribera sets his self apart from masses with his dark recreations of fan favorite 90’s cartoons like Hey Arnold, Johnny Bravo, Power Puff Girls and Dexter’s Lab.

“Being from a small desert town leads you down three possible roads…Art & Music, Drugs, or Working for a sad man down at the railroad. I decided to take the Art road because.. well working for a sad old man just wasn’t an option and drugs ehh just weren’t my thing” – Paul Ribera

Keep up with Paul as he continues his lifelong road trip to the world of Art by following him on

Instagram @Paulyrib Twitter @paulsoupmusic

Be sure to visit his websites where you can purchase his art and t-shirts displaying his art;






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