DJ Many Blogs About GF’s Sex Injury

Celebrity DJ and artist DJ Many just shared this hilarious blog from his girlfriend’s hospital room. Practice safe sex kids!

“Nicole And Broken Bones”


    I Guess If Your Reading This Blog Post Then You Are Like The Rest Of My Million Fans On Twitter, Who Is Nicole And Why Have I Been In The Hospital All Week Taking Selfies With This Random White Girl? Well If You Are A Female I Am Sorry To Break This To You But I Have A Girlfriend And I Don’t Cheat But That’s A Whole Other Blog Post. The Random White Girl In All Of My Selfies Is Nicole. I Was Having Sex With Nicole On Sunday Night When Her Left Leg Broke After That We Went Straight To The Emergency Room Where Doctors Confirmed After Having A Field Day With My Story That She Completely Broke Her Left Femur Bone 🙁 I Always Knew I Was A Sex God But I Didn’t Think That My Dick Could Break Bones. I Know A Lot Of Girls Are Reading This And Still In Shock That I Am Not Single And Wonder Why They Have Never Heard About Nicole. I Believe That A Private Life Is A Happy Life And That I Don’t Need To Publicly Announce Something For It To Exist. I Love Nicole And Nicole Loves Me And That And The Music Is The Only Thing That Really Matters To Me.

    Right Now It’s 7:17 AM On A Tuesday In Kansas City And I Am Currently Typing This From Nicole’s Hospital Room. She Is Currently Sleeping.


    I Really Haven’t Left Her Side Since We Came In Here Late Sunday Night And I Don’t Think I Ever Will. I Have Been Having A Hard Time Dealing With This And That’s Why I Have Put Part Of My Private Life Out There. It’s Like Writing To A Good Beat That Only Has Snares. I Can’t Keep All Of The Emotions I Am Experiencing Right Now To Myself. I Really Can’t Relate To Anyone On This. I Don’t Know Anyone Who Have Broken Any Bones During Sex.

    Thank You To Everyone That Have Wished Nicole A Safe Recovery, She Will Be Having Surgery Later Today.

    Unanswered Question: Q. What Position Were You Doing When Her Leg Broke? A. Missionary.

    PS: I Don’t Feel Like Hearing Any 808 Snares For A While, That’s Exactly What It Sounded Like When Nicole’s Bone Broke. Don’t Let Her Mom And Dad Find Out The Real Story, Let’s Just Keep It Between Us And The Internet.

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