INTERVIEW: Londn Blue Talks “False Hope EP” and More

Mechanical Dummy caught up with up & coming Alabama-bred artist Londn Blue to talk about his upcoming False Hope EP and give our readers a better idea of who Londn is. Expect to see a lot more of him here on MD!

So, what can new and old fans alike expect from your False Hope EP?
To be able to relate to each and every song.  When I started on False Hope, I kind of felt like it was a void in “realistic” rap.  Outside of Kendrick, Cole, and a few others, it’s not really a lot of rappers making music that speaks to the real life problems of our generation.  So that was a major goal for False Hope, to help fill that void.


What was your goal with this project? What do you hope to accomplish with the release?
To find out more about myself as an artist, and to hopefully be blessed with a larger fan base.  Also going from being primarily as a “trap” producer, I want to show I can touch on every side of rap music, especially as a pure lyricist.


What was your favorite track to make on it and why?
Definitely Let It Rain.  While I was writing it I honestly surprised myself with how good it came out.  When I was rapping it to my team they really seemed to be blown away by it, which really helped build up my confidence, because I was having second thoughts about releasing the project at the time.


So, tell us a little about your transition from producer to artist.
Well the rappers I was producing for in my area were primarily “trap”, or commercial rappers, but I had a lot of soulful stuff I was playing for them and they didn’t really want to touch them.  So me and Ande wrote some stuff to them, bounced them off a couple people, and the reactions inspired me to make that transition.


Who are your major influences as a producer ? As a rapper?
As far as the new generation, seeing producers make that jump to rapping let me know it was possible.  So guys like in that mold like J. Cole, Big KRIT, and Mac Miller.

Growing up I was a huge fan of DJ Toomp, Mannie Fresh, 9th Wonder, The Neptunes, any dope producer really.

As far as rap, I grew up as a huge Wayne fan, Rick Ross, T.I., Jeezy.  I’m a product of that early-mid 2000’s southern sound as far as being a fan.

A lot of newer guys are dope to me too, Isaiah Rashad’s Demo was dope to me, of course Cole, Kendrick, Drake and CyHi.


Your pre-order promotion is interesting and new — tell us about what exactly your point with that is and what gave you the idea for it.
Well we recorded over 30 tracks for the False Hope EP.  We narrowed it down to 7 songs, but it was a bunch that we knew people would love that didn’t make the cut.  So to the fans that are showing support by purchasing the EP at, we decided to give them 11 extra tracks for free at the time of placing the pre-order.

We just wanted to be innovative in the way we present music, and it’s been going even better than expected, because people are hearing these tracks and loving them, so it’s building anticipation to see what made the final cut.


Who do you hope to work with in the near future?
The rapper that comes to my mind immediately would be Cole, but anybody dope really.  I’m a huge fan of the TDE roster, A$AP Mob, T.I. would be dope too, he’s always been a huge influence on me.


If you had to choose one major music festival to perform at, which one would it be and why?
Definitely Bonnaroo, I’ve never been but a couple of my friends have gone and they make it seem legendary.  Being that it’s in Tennessee and I’m just south of it in Alabama, it gets a lot of attention during the Summer.  But the Hangout Festival down in South Alabama would be a close second, just because it’s in my home state.


What can fans look forward to after the release of False Hope?
Immediately after we are going to be touring heavily, we have some venues booked in NY, as well as some festivals in the fall, and we’re in the process of reaching out to some universities to put together a college tour.

As far as music, It’ll probably be a joint project with my label mate Ande Bishop, and then I’ll release my next project early to mid 2015.  The beauty of being an independent label is that we can do whatever we want, so we’re kind of letting the fans dictate what we do next until 2015 rolls around.

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