…John Tucker Must Die !!!…

Discussing everything from his new projects and his relationships with other photographers and modles the Houston Photographer Kareem Willams Aka John Tucker was open and honest with me during our recent interview. Here are a few quotes from the exclusive interview.


“I didn’t set out to be a photographer…It kind of just happened, To be honest in a highschool I took a photography class and the funny thing was I actually failed that class, but after I graduated from highschool I saved all my money and bought a used camera. Since then me and cameras have been inseparable. And as far as the peoples response it’s been nothing but positivity! I’ve had people drive 7 hours to shoot with me, so I think that makes me successful.”


“I can define my style of photography dope, weird, emotional and sexy. I change my style all the time, I just dont stick to one style it’s too mediocre. Photographer Vanstyles inspired me in every way possible, everytime he post a picture on instagram or his site I am always telling myself “This is me one day just keep pushng”. I would love to work with vanstyles because we have the same style and vision and I know we could make a good collab if we actually worked together. And if you are reading this Vanstyles hope I work with you someday because you are my biggest inspiration out there I have so much respect for you man.”


“No I dont fuck every model I take pictures of, people have this misconseption of male photgraphers and it sucks. Where not all thirsty or creeps some of us actually have interest in our job and thats capturing a moment that will be seen forever. Now connectiong with the models is important if you dont connect with your subject then your picture is not going to come out how its suppose to be so its really important.”


Art to me is sex and bringing out the real beauty of something or someone.


“I just plan on contiuning to perfect my craft and become the best phographer I can be. You can never be too great, with that being said it brings me to one of my favorite quotes “Talent is God given be humble, fame is man-given be grateful, conceit is self-given be careful.”

As you can see Kareem is putting in major work and we can look foward to seeing more of him ! Keep up with him by following his Twitter and Instagram @Johntucker990

And  don’t forget to stop by his site to see the more of his work.




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