In the news of people whom you’d never expected to have anything to do with the fashion world, we now welcome Snoop Lion and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder to the list. Notoriously, this industry is a hard one to crack, with brave souls risking just about anything and everything to be a part. Apparently, these two unsuspecting public entertainers said “Why not?” and joined the pack.

First up, we have Westbrook, who has been trying to induct himself into the fashion community for some weeks now. And believe it or not, it seems to be working. Not only did he pop up at shows for men’s fashion week in Europe, but he came with news in tow: that he would be collaborating with Barney’s for a capsule sportswear collection of over 60 pieces this month. And now, he has hit us with yet another curveball.  This week, he launched his new webstore Westbrook Frames (which looks very legit, if you were wondering). There, you can choose from ten diversely designed frames, each named after a Los Angeles neighborhood. The frames are pretty bold and trend heavy in style (Illesteva-reminiscent Brentwood frames are awesome; translucent lime green Hawthorne frames–iffy), and range from $95-$145. Overall, the presentation and delivery makes the anticipation to view the Barney’s collection even greater. Looks like Westbrook may go from Thunder guard to the fashion guy who may or may not still play basketball. Interesting.

Moving forward.

In other random news, Happy Socks just announced a collaboration with none other than rap/weed/manicurist? legend Snoop Lion. The hosiery company released the video below, which doesn’t give us much information on the line itself, but everything about Snoop’s secret life as painter extraordinaire. Regardless of which, we’re excited to see what Snoop cooks up for the release, which apparently won’t drop until the fall. So, we wait.

Until then, check out the snippet below, before you check out some cool shades at Westbrook Frames.




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