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Los Angeles based brand Clover Canyon, known for its celebration of eclectic craftsmanship of culturally influenced digital prints, is now implanting itself into the world of menswear. In a time of new-age minimalism, it is refreshing to see a young brand go against the grain and present their own perspective of the stylish modern man. The same floral motifs seen seasonally in the womenswear collections are brought into the Spring 2015 premiere menswear collection, this time paired with mechanical influence. Entitled “Electric Lotus” by the brand’s founder, Rozae Nichols (shoutout to that name, btw), the collection combines polar energy themes of Chinese healing practices and concepts tied to electricity.

Mustards, blues, and oranges are spread throughout the collection in stripes, plaids, bamboo leaves, flowers, and electrical circuits. The prints are extremely bold and usually come in matching sets, a look reserved for the fashion trailblazer. For a first collection, it is an expressive risk, but a successful one. We’d love to see these types of looks pop on the street style scene, and we’re anxious to see what else Nichols has in store for men. We give Clover Canyon a grade A for their first menswear attempt. What do you think? Decide after you check out the entire collection at

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