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90’s rap game anyone?

After it’s usual three week hiatus, Supreme recently released the lookbook for the Fall ’14 season and the early 90’s is unmistakably present. We can’t help but to immediately think of Biggie, the NWA, and Outkast all wrapped up into one swanky archived wardrobe of your favorite early rap artist. Outerwear is especially notable, as the brand picked up on the shearling, quilting, and fur trends all successfully. We’re also being fed some lumberjack realness in the form of deep denim overalls, yellow and black plaid hooded jacket, and a bright orange racer jacket. A classic cognac trench also falls into the mix, which may be atypical of the Supreme customer, but is still well incorporated. Probably the most gaudy piece in the collection is the velvet leopard print hooded bomber (we imagine Diddy will be first in line for this one), which is asking to be doused in bling. Yes, bling.

Outwear isn’t the only hero here. The maroon corduroy button up, the racer stripe collared mustard crewneck, and the Fuck Em! short are all winners too. Hit up Supreme’s flagship stores tomorrow for the drop. For those who don’t have access, you unfortunately have to wait until the 28th to to get your hands on it.

Check out the full Fall ’14 collection here.


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