Jigz The Flyer – “The Land Of So Much” [Video]

(Dir. Mike Rhodes)

Following last months’ release of his video “Never Done,” Connecticut’s Jigz The Flyer has returned with a new Mike Rhodes-directed video titled, “The Land of So Much”.

For the new visuals, Jigz takes it to the streets of Montreal, Canada, where he is currently roaming for the 2014 ‘Under Pressure’ Graffiti Festival. Jigz focuses on accepting the better things in life, while also addressing those who’ve doubted him via French caption near the end of the video.

‘A Dedication…’ [English Video Translation]

“I wanna dedicate this shit to all the mothafuckas who told me I wouldn’t, but at the same time, I wanna dedicate this to all the mothafuckas that knew that I would. I done traveled and seen the city lights of places I had only heard of in movies. This is no longer regional, the world is has gotten a hold of it. You see, I’ve managed to plant seeds in the minds of people far out of my physical reach and we’ve managed to assemble like Voltron despite the facts of our demographics. We started out like diamonds in the dirt, but somehow emerged polished with a shine that glows so bright that there is no more denying our destinies. I’ve been misunderstood, misinterpreted, misused and misguided, yet still I stand here victorious. United, we stand as mothafuckin’ tribe for the masses. This opium field shit is just a taste. I hope y’all prepared.”

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