Reebok gl 6000 Reebok omni

The Fall ’14 Reebok Classic lookbook will make a girl reconsider not only introducing sneakers back in her life, but making that sneaker a shoe many of us tucked away after fourth grade. The Classic Leather in White Reebok is a shoe that equates an earlier era, one that has been trumped by a surplus of sneaker brands that stole its glory. But this season, Reebok, with the help of some cool socialmedialites, presented the current women’s collection in a way that made want to join the club. The lookbook features four styles: the gl 6000, the Ventilator, the Pump Omni, and Classic Leather. Although the teal, berry, and magenta colorways are aesthetically pleasing, the shining moment here goes to the Classic White, which looks effortless and simplistically stylish. We think Reebok has won our hearts back.

The entire lookbook can be seen over at Nylon.

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