Producer Of Chalie Boy’s ‘I Look Good’ Is On A Mission To Build Virginia’s Music Scene



J.Braye is taking his talents to the A&R/brand management field with his new company and movement ‘NewVA’. Throughout the past years J has continued to make top quality music whether it was through production or engineering. The talented individual stresses very much about the lack of a distinct sound, movement and unity coming out of Virgina. The entrepreneur certainly has his mindset in the right direction with all of the talented unheard artists and producers in VA at the present time including the credible names (Pharrell, Timbaland, Missy Elliot) that have come up out of Virginia in the past. J.Braye is a very credited producer most notably known for his creation of Chalie Boy’s 2009 Billboard chart topping single ‘I Look Good’. His latest efforts are to ideally reconstruct the Virginia Music Scene. Bringing together producers/artists and forming a unique sound which can be distinct to the area. With the mans past experience and knowledge the future looks bright for Virginia.

J. Braye on his forthcoming business venture:

My new vision is to reconstruct VA’s music scene. The first step is gathering the local producers and challenging them to create a signature sound/style of production specific to our area. The next step is linking the local artist with the local producers so that we can create a sonic that makes VA music sound unique. To intertwine the aforementioned aspects together I’ll use the marketing and business skills I’ve developed during the course of my career to share our one of a kind sound with the world.

NewVA is the movement. I tell people, If I had enough power to destroy the world and we had to rebuild it, what position would you play in building a New Va.

In the future, I hope that we can create enough attention to get our hometown heroes involved in the creating process. Super-producers like Bink!, Pharrell, Timbaland, Danja Handz, Missy and Teddy Riley curated and captured a sound that was unlike anything else at the time. I believe we can restore that feeling again this time make the headquarters here.

Want to learn more about J and stay updated? Head on over to his site here.

Make sure to check out NewVA official site here.

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